Monday, January 14, 2008

Thumbs up from Sue Johanson

Anyone who grew up in Toronto around the time I did will know the name Sue Johanson. She's Canada's Dr. Ruth - an unassuming older woman who can talk dirtier than a sailor in Bangkok.

Sue has taught at least two generations the nitty gritty of sex, first on the Sunday Night Sex Show, a call-in radio program, then on a local cable TV show in Toronto, and now she is in her sixth season of Talking Sex With Sue, on the Oxygen Network in the US. Sue is a genuine sex-ed hero.

Anyway, I had attempted to set up an interview with her while I was writing Sex in a Tent, as it would have been great to get her take on moving the bedroom to the great outdoors. But my timing was bad, and it never happened.

So I was delighted to find a mini-review of my book on her website. I'm not sure if she also reviewed it on her show, so if you saw it, let me know. While she wasn't a fan of the cover art, she did think the contents were worthwhile. You can check it out on the bottom of this page.

It's funny how some people's opinion can mean so much to you, even if you've never met. So thank's Sue - you made my day!

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Anonymous said...

Well lass, I really shall have to get myself a copy of your book. Sue Johanson sounds an amazing woman. It is a pity I never came across anyone like her in some of my more troubled times. Keep writing. Dawn.