Tuesday, January 01, 2008

InTravel Review

Online travel magazine inTravel has reviewed Sex in a Tent in their January/February issue. (Do online magazines have "issues"? Maybe "edition" is better.)

If you're not familiar with inTravel, they are a good read for armchair travellers, looking at a lot of unusual destinations from a variety of angles. Whether you're looking for something romantic (In Love), low budget (Inexpensive), morally rewarding (Involved) or just a cautionary tale (Inept) there's a story somewhere on there you'll enjoy.

If you look under the "Inept" category, you'll find a story I wrote about an experience during my first trip to New Zealand, called Attack of the Killer Seals. Ah, my solo travel days!

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi, just been reading through your web pages. Wow.Slowly I have resumed writing again. over on my other blog pages ( adult Dawn) is more hard hitting stuff. Hopefully I will remeber to take the camera on my next few trips. Folks keep nagging me to take a few piccies. I know I have signed in anonymous but I am 'that. Dawn.

Anonymous said...

That woman, even

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