Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And furthermore...

A quick follow-up on my last post, about not being able to locate the Mt. Reeves track.

G managed to dig up this report from 2001, describing the track coming from the opposite direction, as you approach the end where we were:

If you are heading north down to the Waiohine River from the junction then note
that the *track* is overgrown. There is not much traffic along it since the
walkwire over Coal Stream at the bottom was removed. There are at least 3 points
where the way to go is indistinct. Immediately after the junction the path seems
to go straight over point 745 but a plastic tie marks the real route which heads
left from a small clearing on top of the knoll. There is one point where the
padding vanishes and markers seem to head under a fallen tree. However the
*track* actually goes right into thick bush - a marker can just be seen from the
last marked tree before the fallen one. Take care above Coal Stream where the
*track* ventures close to the edge of a river bluff. From Coal Stream, it is
best to make a hip-deep ford of the river and join the good *track* from Walls
Whare to Totara Flats. This avoids the remains of the old *track* which has
vertical scramble up a 10m bank to the site of the walkwire and a 20m scramble
up a steep incline a little further on.

No wonder we couldn't find it! (And frankly, I'm just a little bit glad we didn't...)

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