Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Camping for Swingers

I was doing some more book research today, and started looking into camping hammocks. I've never had the opportunity to try one out myself, but they seem like a great idea. Light, small, no poles required - that all makes a lot of sense. I'm not so sure about the two-person model in the photo above. Hammocks are tricky for sex at the best of times (which I discuss briefly in Sex in a Tent) but sex in one of these capsule-like hammocks would be limiting at best. Even just sleeping side-by-side in a hammock like this is for the few and the brave. I think it would be tricky if either of you toss and turn in your sleep, or don't like another sweaty body pressed against yours outside the sexual realm.

Solo hammocking, however, looks like a nice way to enjoy the outdoors. You don't see a lot of hammock campers around New Zealand, however, for a few good reasons. First of all, most Kiwis sleep in backcountry huts, so they don't need a hammock.

Second, it sure can get windy here! Trying to sleep in a suspended bed in the middle of a gale sounds cold and somewhat terrifying.

Third, a lot of serious trampers here spend a significant number of nights above the bushline, where there would be no trees to suspend the hammock from. Some can be set up like tents using hiking poles, but that would somewhat defeat the purpose of having a hammock in the first place.

So I may not get a chance to go hammocking here in NZ, but I'd like to try it out someday in a temperate, dry climate. I think I'd enjoy spending a night or two swinging under the stars.


Juice said...

I think you could probably label this a luxury item. I mean unless you are familiar with the camping area then you won't know if it's suitable?

Possibley would be really good for a short trip where your not so concerned with weight and you have a back up tent. Laze around during the day sort of thing.

I can't help wonder how you could make it insect proof, which seems to be the biggest turnoff to me. I have a briliant story about drinking, naked and mosquito's but I'll leave it for some other time. What i did learn though is that net is essential. Perhaps you could look into the possiblity of adapting a net to a hammock.

I agree with you on the double, but again as a day swing I like it.

Look forward to reading more.

Frank and Sue said...

Hi Michelle,
Good for base camping but not my idea of fun hiking. Too many variables (like no trees!!)

Blog is looking great and wonderful to see the new book is progressing.
Just noted a typo on the blog you might want to fix.

Living Aborad in New Zealand

Cheers and beers


Maple Kiwi said...

Thanks for catching the typo - can't believe I spelled my own book title wrong!

Keith said...

Comment from 68 y/o guy, 6' 8" tall, who uses hius hammock with a maxi-scooter routinely. my hammock weighs about 1 lb., sized about a small loaf of bread and holds 400 lbs.:

Hammock sex is nice! They've been doing for centuries from Central Mexico to Brazil. Modern 'love motels' in Brazil come equipped with hammocks. Of course, here in 'family-values' America, the mere mention of hammock sex gets you banned from the hammock groups.

One way is for the girl to lie back, with her legs spread outside the hammock: the guy sits in the hammock, facing her. Oral sex is nice with the girl in the hammock, sitting sideways, and the guy on the ground, kneeling. If you tie it high enough, you can get a sex-swing effect.

You don't have to lie side by side, in a 'banana' shape - if you lie diagonally, you can lie flat.

Most places have trees, posts or rocks (use cam locks in crevices), or attach to a car or a bicycle. look up YouTube "testhammock" and follow leads, or google on "Hennessy Hammock".

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