Monday, September 22, 2008

Where the Bloody Hell Are Your Clothes?

While 45km of New Zealand beach is being proposed for "clothing optional" status, our neighbours in Australia are apparently far more conservative when it comes to letting it all hang out.

A proposal by Freebeach Australia to allow nudity on the beach in the Mudjimba Beach area has been rejected via a petition signed by 450 locals who are opposed to the idea. Apparently they had both moral and "safety concerns" about a nude beach.

Safety concerns? Nudity is very safe - it prevents people from concealing weapons, and also eliminates any reason to mug anyone. Clearly they'd have nothing "on them" to steal!

So the sunbathing debate is a hot topic on both sides of the Tasman Sea. Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds!

Read the story from the Sunshine Coast Daily

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Juice said...

When i was in Darwin I heard some horrific stories about what people had seen on the nude beach.. Probably something these locals could be concerned for if say, they enjoyed it as a family venue.

Arrh this reminds me of the scene from the movie 'EUROTRIP'.