Saturday, August 23, 2008

Winter Sun

Every once in a while winter takes a break in Wellington, and we get a glorious, sunny day with no wind. Sometimes we're lucky enough for this to happen on the weekend, in which case it would be a crime not to get outside and enjoy it.

Since we were given one of those days this weekend, and it was rather unexpected, we made a very quick decision to go for a walk up our local hill, Mt Kaukau. The best thing about Mt Kaukau is that it's close enough to our house that we can walk there in under half an hour, and not even bother with the car!

It's not much, as mountains go, but it's the highest hill in the area, and therefore the place where they put the local radio tower, through which we receive our wonderful TV signals. (Yes, we're too cheap to get satellite!) This is the view from the first ridge.
While I left the house with several layers of clothing, not sure what to expect, by the time we made it up to the ridge I had actually stripped down to my t-shirt. How many times do you get to do that in the middle of winter?
From the lookout on the top, there's a view over Wellington Harbour. You can sit and ponder the city from above. (That's downtown Wellington, just past the first hill covered in houses.)
Meanwhile, G was busy rifling through the woods on the way up and down in search of the perfect fire drill. Hopefully his new, longer stick will produce some better results than the little one he tried at first. I'll keep you updated if he manages to get a flame!

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