Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Blogs on the Block

A random picture looking over Wellington Harbour - because I prefer posts with pictures!
I follow a few outdoors blogs, and refine my choices here and there depending on whose posts are keeping me interested (or at least entertained) and how relevant they are. Now and then I discover new blogs that seem to be worth adding to my feeds. I thought I'd share my last two discoveries with you.

First - Hiking in Heels. There aren't enough of us girls out there talking about our outdoors excursions. This Northern California resident has recently started hiking thanks to her new man, and seems to be really taking to it. Her blog consists mainly of trip reports with a unique footwear-based rating system. Her easiest hikes are rated "Heels" meaning it's so easy you could walk it wearing high heels (although she doesn't really recommend it.) Then she moves through flip-flops, pumas, trailblazers and finally hiking boots for the serious stuff.

Hey - when you decide it's time to graduate to overnighters, don't forget to pick up a copy of Sex in a Tent!

Second - Windy Hilltops. This is by a fellow Wellingtonian named Mike. He tells of his adventures around the area, and occasionally further afield. The subtitle for his blog is: Because crawling is more fun when it's windy. Anyone who has tried to hike along an exposed ridge in the Tararuas on a windy day will know what he's talking about! Sometimes the only way to stay on the track is on your hands and knees! His writing style is delightfully entertaining, which makes reading long trip reports worthwhile even if you're never likely to do the trip yourself.
Mike is a member of the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club - which is a great local group who organize trips all year round.

I'm looking forward to sharing their adventures. And in the second instance, getting some new ideas for places to go tramping this summer!

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Mike said...

Thanks for the link. And yes I definitely agree about the crawling thing. It really helps one to appreciate calm and sunny days, though.

In the weekend just been we were able to play in the snow in the Ruahines (one range north of the Tararuas), during one of the very few calm and sunny days in the last month. It was just fabulous.