Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sex in a Tent - Cover Story

I've been given permission to share the cover art for Sex in a Tent with my loyal readers (yes, all three you, plus whoever else stumbles by!) So without any further ado, here is the my soon-to-be book cover:

Kinda catches your eye, doesn't it? The original draft version I saw a few months ago was a whole lot more subtle, but this certainly gets the point across. Plus it's red, which should help it to stand out in the earth-tone world of camping books.
You may also have noticed that the cover is a square. Yes, that means the book will be square. It's a bit unusual--but then, so is my book!
I'm looking forward to seeing the insides of the book, which I should get to do in a few weeks.


Determinist said...

Cool-as. Thanks for sharing Michelle. I like the cover - it gets the sentiment just right.

Anonymous said...

Looks just like me and my husband...NOT! LOL G