Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kiwi Trampers - I need your romantic ideas!

This is for the Kiwis out there who love to include tramping in their relationships. I'm writing an article about the most romantic tramps in New Zealand - and although I have some ideas of my own, I'd love to yet your input.

Have you found an isolated lake or river for skinny-dipping?

Have you marvelled at an awesome waterfall together?

Have you soaked your weary muscles in a private hot spring?

Did you 'pop the question' in a majestic, wild setting?

Have you had an entire beach to yourselves?

Have you been on a tramp where you didn't see another soul?

Have you been blown away by an amazing view?

If you have a suggestion for the ultimate romantic tramp let me know. You can post a comment here, or e-mail me at loveinatent(AT) (Replace the (AT) with @, you know the deal.)

I'm looking forward to finding out about your discoveries!


Determinist said...

Does a nice hotel room count? Maybe a tramp up 20 floors? No? Sorry - can't help you. ;-)

Maple Kiwi said...

Be honest, did you ever really tramp up the 20 floors to your room or did you take the elevator?

Copy Ant said...

Hi there

Love the idea of Love in a Tent!

I live in Mangawhai in Northland, New Zealand and have a romantic outdoors tale to share.

Mangawhai Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach itself. But there's a lovely clifftop walk that takes about 3 hours. You start by walking along the clifftop with all the stunning seaviews out to the Hen and Chickens and Little Barrier Islands. Then you descend to the coastline and walk back along the rocks and beaches. Of course this bit is only possible at low tide - all very isolated and au naturelle.

The romantic bit is about half way back along the coastal part of the walk where you come to an almost entirely secluded beach that is cut off at hightide. Big pohutukawa trees overhang the sand and the surf waves roll in.

Although the path does go along the cliffs above you, you are pretty much alone on the beach and there's not that many people who do the walk.

My husband and I did the walk together one warm weekend and finding ourselves overheating by the time we came to the beach decided to strip off for a swim.

Well as you can imagine, the surf, the sun, the privacy..... all combined for a blissful romantic moment.

The only downside would be there are lots of fishermen on boats around Mangawhai - there's a marine reserve just down the coast and the fishing's great! So the sense of privacy can be reduced by the little fishing boats bobbing around offshore. I'd like to think they wouldn't have binoculars on board but who knows! If any of them read this post they'll probably start taking binoculars now!