Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cross-blogging - Home & Abroad

One of my freelance jobs is to write educational travel activities for the travel-planning website Home & Abroad. I've been doing it since July 2006, and they now feature over 100 of my fun ideas for stuff to do on your trip. You can't tell which ones are mine, but I've contributed activities for Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Calgary, Berlin, Seville,Bangkok, Cape Town and Lana'i (Hawaii).

Recently they started up their own blog, about travel of course. I have made my first contribution there - a little piece promoting camping as a great, romantic getaway! If you'd like to read the post you can link to it here.

In these days of on-line marketing, the lines between personal content and advertising are getting pretty damn blurry, but I figure as long as the content is interesting (and truthful!) it's okay to jump the line now and then. And if I can put a bit more readable content on the web these days to diffuse the deluge of SEO-keyword crap, I'm happy to help!

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