Friday, August 07, 2009

Sleeping Bags Get Sexier!

Photo: Outdoor Retailer Show 2009 (photographer unknown)

Sleeping bags are design to be warm, light, durable, and compact - but finally someone has gone and specifically designed a sleeping bag that is meant to make it easier to have sex in a tent!
Alite Designs are newcomers in the outdoor gear world, but they are certainly doing their best to make a new niche for themselves. At the recent Outdoor Retailer show (which I had to read about online because I live way too far away to attend) they launched a range of new camping products - among them the "Sexy Hotness" sleeping bag.
What makes it designed for sex? The main feature is a zipper that opens straight up the middle of the bag, exposing your necessary bits without forcing you out of the bag completely. As an added bonus, this means you can walk around wearing the sleeping bag, and they've added reinforced "booties" on the bottom for this purpose.
The bag also has outer pockets where you can keep sexy essentials like condoms, lubricant and tissues, or whatever you like to have on hand. I'm told there's also a sexy Kama Sutra print inside the bag, in case you need inspiration.
The Sexy Hotness bags can be zipped together, or to other sleeping bags with a compatible zipper size, for added space.
I'm not sure how this will catch on. Zipping two regular sleeping bags together still seems like a better option to me, since you can remain completely inside an envelope of warmth and have easy access to each other. But perhaps this one will have appeal to some couples in ways I have not yet imagined!
To see a demo of the "Sexy Hotness" bag, check out the GO Blog video here. It's quite entertaining.


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Mark said...

Interesting post. Never heard of this kind of sleeping bag. I'll stick with the traditional sleeping bag. Too abstract for my taste. Definitely was a fun post though. Enjoyed it. thanks

Outdoor Wikis said...

I was leery when my husband wanted to get a double sleeping bag--I had visions of being crammed in next to each other, with no room to breathe. Boy, was I wrong! He is six feet tall, and we had plenty of room in the camping sleeping bags. The weather was quite nice when we used it for the first time, so we have not tested it in very cold conditions, but we were almost TOO warm in the 45-50 degree night temperatures when we did use it. The adjustable hood worked nicely, and although you have to be careful with the zippers to not get them caught in the lining, it wasn't a big deal if you just paid attention. The ONLY thing that would make it better is if the slot to insert pads was just a little wider.