Sunday, August 16, 2009

One for the Ladies

Hanging out with Sir Ed Hillary (in statue form) reminds me that we need more hiking role models for women

There are lots and lots of resources out there for hikers and backpackers - but very few are aimed specifically at women. Now there is a new chick on the block - Hiking Lady.

This site has the makings of a good resource, but is still looking like it's just getting off the ground with just a few bits of gear and clothing listed so far.

I was a little disappointed that the books featured on the "Book of the Month" list are all by and about male adventurers. Come on - if you're going for the girl market, give us books about women, by women, or at least acknowledging the existence of women! Perhaps I need to send over a copy of "Sex in a Tent" for review ;o)

I'll be keeping an eye on this site to see if it lives up to its potential. Sadly I'm just a bit too lazy to set up such a resource myself. Maybe I'll get around to it eventually! I've already done most of the research - I just need to build the website to put it on.

Meanwhile I hope the Hiking Lady keeps building up her site and gets support from the outdoor women's community.


Hiking Lady said...

Thanks for the post Maple Kiwi! I agree that there need to be more adventure stories centered around women! Hopefully together we'll get the women's outdoor community outside and on adventures of their own. There is much more content to come; keep checking back! And if you're serious about the offer for a copy of "Sex in a Tent" I'd be more than happy to read it! ;o)

Maple Kiwi said...

Hello Hiking Lady!
As you will see from the post after this one, I'm going to be out of touch for a while. But if you send me your details (including a postal address) to I will see if I can get a review copy headed your way.

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