Monday, December 17, 2007

Wildebeat, Society Hikers and NYC Booklovers

Apologies for my absence lately. I've just returned from a trip to Christchurch and Dunedin for research on my upcoming book Living Abroad in New Zealand. Just a quick update for the moment, and I promise more blogging soon!

The photo above is a friend of the family, Ariel Fenster, perusing Sex in a Tent at Barnes and Noble in New York City. It's great to find out where the book is sitting on shelves, so if you spot it in your corner of the world, let me know!

In other news, the interview I did with Steve Sergeant for The Wildebeat podcast is now available on their website. Here's the link. The edited interview runs about 10 minutes, and if you're a member there's an "adult" version available.

And a bit of surprise publicity - the American Hiking Society ran a story about my book on their blog a few days ago. Here's the link for that one.

I hope you've all got your last-minute gift shopping under control. Happy holidays, and I hope you get all of the new gear you've been hoping for - and a copy of Sex in a Tent of course!


Frank and Sue said...

Michelle, the link to Wildebeat seems broken

Maple Kiwi said...

I just clicked on it and it worked for me. But if it's not working for you try going to their main page at

I think they may block downloads from some IP addresses overseas, so that could be the problem.

WildeGeek said...

We did have to block downloads of the WildeBeat audio from a number of apparent abusers in the Asian/Pacific address blocks.

That said, we'll readily unblock the address of anyone who wants to download the show, has trouble, and lets us know about it. Usually, your e-mail message to us will tell us everything we need to know to unblock your IP address range.

Frank and Sue said...

No grief, I am a subscriber to that wonderful resource and get the podcasts. Enjoy them immensely. Just checked at home (still in the Asia/ Pacific address block!) and it opens...weird, not much is blocked on the work PC. Also have a link on my blog to the Wildebeat....maybe I should fork out some $$$ as a subscriber!!

sara said...

Hi Michelle!
I stumbled in when I found your book on Amazon during my last minute shopping (spree) tonight. I was only looking for my dad and my grandma, so I couldn't order a copy yet (see, "sex" doesn't always sell!), but I put it on my own wishlist and was happy to find your blog!

Maple Kiwi said...

Welcome Sara! Many happy returns. I hope someone checked your wishlist while doing THEIR last-minute shopping!