Sunday, December 09, 2007

Seasonal Book Publicity

I found out today that my book was mentioned on a list of Christmas gift ideas from The Times UK. It's not exactly a review, but I'll take it!

Thanks to John Hee, a UK hiker and blogger who let me know about it!

Also, over the weekend I was interview by Radio New Zealand for a piece they're putting together on "greener" ways to spend Christmas (like tramping)! Not sure when the story will air, but if I get advance notice I will post the info here for anyone with access to New Zealand radio!


Frank and Sue said...

Good stuff Michelle, Probably better than a review. Not sure of the hits that site would get BUT it is mainstream and you did not have to push it yourself which is THE bonus.

John Hee said...

your more than welcome

sally in norfolk said...

what a great book it is too :-)

Frank and Sue said...

Just checked out your ranking at Amazon. No 14 in your section, well done!! Hope you are selling a few