Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too Hot for REI? Yes and No

What a difference a week can make. Just seven days ago I was here announcing my live appearances at two Bay Area REI stores. Sadly, someone in management has pulled the plug on those events. Seems the subject matter was just a little too risque for some.

However, I'm pleased to say that the book will still be avaible at REI stores across the country, so drop in on your local shop, pick up the book and tell them what a shame it is that I'm not there to sign it for you!

Hopefully, there will be another event organised for my visit to San Francisco next month. If you've got any suggestions, do let me know!

The book launches on Monday, October 15 - so the long wait is just about over! If there's no REI near you, you can always get it from Amazon. (For anyone who has tried the Amazon.UK site and seen their notice that the book is unavailable, I'm hoping that's a temporary glitch and it will be up again soon. There's no reason for it to be unavailable.)


AktoMan said...

LOL - too risque for San Francisco??? I feel the urge to destroy my American hippy cds that sing about the freedom of the west coast. What a bunch of wimps. Carrying guns to kill wildlife is okay, but discussing human relationships isn't. Perhaps they need some sort of declaration that says people are free to pursue happiness.

But your publisher obviously knew what they were doing when the book was renamed from "love in ..." to "sex in ..."

sally in norfolk said...

excitedley waiting for my book...

E-mail: said...

Yes, even Berkeley has gotten conservative. Sad, isn't it?

Sally, contributor books should be on the way soon! (The shipment just arrived from the printer.)

AktoMan said...

Sally-in-N ... are your nuddy shots going to be featured? I was disappointed that the outdoor shower shot of you wasn't on the cover of Michelle's book :-)