Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Blog Blitz

I've been guest-blogging like crazy for the last few days! (Does that make me a blog slut?) So I wanted to make sure I've got everything linked back here.

Go ahead and follow your links to go on your own little blog tour. Maybe you'll find a new second-favourite blog. (Because this one will still be your favourite, of course...)

Best Hike was nice enough to highlight some of my recent activities, including my story in October's New Zealand Wilderness Magazine and my podcast on The Outdoors Station.

Camping Coop introduced their readers to me and my book.

And Weird Darren ran an exclusive excerpt from the book on his White Spider blog. If you and your partner tend to have arguments in the wilderness, have a look at my words of wisdom on the subject. (The subject is covered much more thoroughly in Chapter 2 of Sex in a Tent, but you'll get a wee taste anyway.)

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Rick said...

I suspect you've seen this book. It's right up your alley:

A Blistered Kind of Love: One Couple's Trial by Trail