Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interview - The Tables are Turned!

After interviewing all kinds of people for my book, it was strange to be interviewed by someone else! But that's what happened last week when my friend Travis, who is part of the on-line writing community "Kiwiwriters" spoke to me about the experience of writing my first book.

You can read the interview here.

I guess it's good practise for all of those media interview I'm hoping to get when the book is released!


Andy Chilton said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the doing the interview for us! It was certainly very informative which is exactly what we wanted.

Hope you enjoyed doing it and you know, we'll want to interview you again once the book gets really big!


Maple Kiwi said...

I'll have to try to fit it into my busy personal appearances schedule ;o)

Gill said...

Cool interview, Michelle!
:) G in Canada

Determinist said...

Thanks again for that - I liked the flow of that one - very conversation like! :)

As Andy said - expect another one that will start with the question, "So, did you ever think that your first book would be a best seller?" ;-)

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