Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tent designs that make a statement

Get a room!

I recently discovered the website for Field Candy, a company more concerned with the outside of the tent than the weight or functionaltiy - but if you're looking to make a statement when you camp this may be for you.

The tent pictured above is called "get a room". Perfect for those couples putting Sex in a Tent to use, and wanting to give fair warning to anyone in the vicinity!

But these tents aren't just for lovers, they're also for book lovers, animal lovers, circus lovers and many more. One of my favourites is this quilt inspired version:

Prices range from just over $600 to around $760 and they seem to have only one model available - a 2 person tent. Total weight is 16.3 pounds, so this is just for car camping!

You can check out their other creative designs on their website HERE.


Samuel Savard said...

Ha! That lovers design could have fooled me! Great stuff

Army Surplus Canada said...

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Shailesh Vyas said...

The designs of these indian tents are marvelous. They can be the perfect tents for camping or for safari tents. Nice. Loved them.

Avery Schlacter said...

I love this I've been looking for tents and I love how unique these are. Do you know where I could buy discount camping tents online?

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Pugh Stephen M. said...

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