Monday, May 18, 2009

Cosmo Calling

When Sex in a Tent first came out, I was working with the publisher to get as much publicity as possible for it. They sent review copies to tons of magazine hoping to get word out. There was a pretty good response overall, particularly in "outdoors" circles like Sierra Magazine and the Mountain Gazette, but the mainstream didn't really go for it.

However, a year and a half later mainstream women's magazines seem to be waking up to the fact that the outdoors is sexy! A while ago I found myself in the enviable position of being asked by three big magazines to contribute to articles about sex in the great outdoors. I guess it's an idea whose time has come!

The first to hit the newsstands is the June issue of Cosmopolitan (American edition). Sadly my contribution has boiled down to 5 places to get it on outside, and my credit is microscopic - but every little bit helps.

Stay tuned for updates as the other articles (hopefully) make their appearances! I'll be crossing my fingers that all of this talk about outdoor nookie revitalises book sales for the summer.


Mike said...

Hey, congratulations. Hopefully it's a foot in the door for a heap of new contacts etc etc.

Maple Kiwi said...

I'd settle for selling a few more copies of that book!

DanaMite said...

bout freakin time.
tom boys and outdoors are damn sexy.