Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't want to carry it? Eat it!

I saw this linked to a friend's Facebook page and just had to share it. I'm somewhat ashamed to say how long I considered whether this might be a real company producing edible outdoor equipment for campers! (At least I haven't responded to any of those e-mails telling me I've won an online lottery - yet...)

For pure entertainment value, go check out the EAT website where you can learn all about the joys of edible gear, from tarps made of "gummi skin" to sleeping bags filled with "veggie loft". There are even trekking poles in meaty flavours like chicken, shrimp, beef and for the vegetarians TVP.

Edible gear means you won't have to carry all kinds of food with you, and your gear gets lighter and lighter (and smaller and smaller) over the course of your trip.

OK, maybe an edible sleeping back or backpack will never really be a good idea, but I think they may be onto something here. What about edible packaging for the food you bring along? What if your cup-a-soup came in a gelatin envelope that dissolved right into the soup? No more empty packaging to carry around! Any food scientists out there? Hello? Bueller?

Anyway, have fun with the website. It looks like it's been kicking around since 2003, but then I'm a bit slow to notice these things!


Kindal said...

this is awesome... some of the things people come up with. I would not have thought that instead of packing a cooler to just eat a plate full of my sleeping bag each day.
I guess I should start stalking these in my own camping store!

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