Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex in Antartctica

The title for my next book? Perhaps, if I can get myself selected for the "Artists to Antarctica" program.
In the mean time, I came across this story about a shipment of almost 16,500 condoms to McMurdo Base - the US research centre in Antarctica. With a winter population of just 125, and a summer population of 1,100 - that's quite a high nookie ratio (especially for scientists!)
I guess there's not much else to entertain yourself with during those long, dark winters. And at least they're playing safe! The condoms are made available for free, to make sure that people don't avoid getting them out of embarrassment. So for those of you in the US, that stack of condoms represents your tax dollars at work.
I'm on a mission to find out whether anyone has ever give birth in Antarctica. Any of you know?
I originally saw this story posted on the Environmental Graffiti blog.
Addendum - I actually did find some information about the first person born in Antarctica. Emilio Palma, born in 1978 to Argentinian parents. I guess their shipment of condoms didn't get through.

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