Sunday, April 27, 2008

To The Lighthouse

Hey, it's my very first Virginia Woolf reference! (I feel very educated right now. Although, I admit I don't remember much about the book.)

We had Friday off this week for ANZAC Day, and it was a beautiful, sunny fall day here. So since we had not planned a tramp, and didn't want to spend half of the day fighting long weekend traffic out of the city, we walked along the south coast of eastern side of Wellington Harbour.

The track is actually a dirt road, and on such a nice day it was busy with families and other couples out for walks and bike rides. Even the surfers were trying to take advantage of their day off. While Wellington doesn't have a whole lot of surf, there were at least 30 people out there hoping to catch a wave or two.
The rocky shores make for dramatic, scenes. I just love the sound of water crashing into the rocks, and the spray they create.

There are two lighthouses on Pencarrow Head, the old one sits atop a hill, and is being restored. We climbed the hill to have lunch and enjoy the view from the top.
The current lighthouse sits down at sea level. Most people turn around and head back at this point along the track, because the next thing you pass is the sewage outlet!

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