Friday, November 23, 2007

Zenn and the Art of Satirical Newscasts

This is a bit off-topic for me, but since so many of us campers are also greenies at heart, I thought many of you would enjoy it.

My cousin's husband (does that make him my cousin-in-law?) is CEO of a Canadian company called ZENN (Zero Emissions, No Noise) which makes - brace yourselves - electric cars! It seems reports of the death of the electric car were greatly exaggerated.

Zenn was recently featured on The Mercer Report, a Canadian satirical newscast along the same lines as The Daily Show (except that it's not daily.) Here's the link to the clip.

It's worth watching just for Rick Mercer's wonderful Newfoundland accent.

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kristin said...

I'm just an urbanite living in downtown Toronto, with no relation to the company except that I'm in love with the ZENN!

Unfortunately the ZENN is only sort of legal now. As of late Dec 2007 Transport Canada has redefined the definition of LSVs to say they are only supposed to be used in restricted environments like retirement communities or parks. And the government of Ontario currently has no intention of allowing them on public roads. We need to do a lot more if we want to be able to drive this car on our city streets and we have to do it fast if we want to keep this company and its manufacturing jobs in Canada. This is an emerging market and this kind of technology is so critical to creating livable cities. I hope you will continue doing what you’re doing to tell people about the issue and motivate them to take action right now. I’ve got links to all the provincial government websites, the government of Canada website and Transport Canada.

Have a look at my ZENN blog for more info if you like: