Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hand-made camp furniture!

A while back, while I was researching Sex in a Tent, someone generously gave me her old copy of The New Zealand Camping and Caravanning Guide. This 1981 book didn't really have anything too useful in it, being more than a little outdated, but it was a whole lot of fun to flip through and check out the groovy pictures.

One page I thought was particularly entertaining was this illustration of furniture you can make at your campsite, should you have some time on your hands.
It looks like the chaise lounge would require an awful lot of time. But perhaps the clothes hanger is more practical? So for those of you who like to work with your hands, let me know if you make any of these wonderful item. Just don't go chopping down any trees for your wilderness lounge!

Oh, and there was also this very helpful page about how to make a backpack out of a sugar sack (does anyone walk around with an empty sugar sack?) or a pair of trousers (sure, you'll have a little pack, but you'll be hiking in your undies!).


dogscratcher said...

"(sure, you'll have a little pack, but you'll be hiking in your undies!)"

No wonder you got NC-17, all this talk of "little pack(s)" and "undies," it borders on obscene! I've got to try it.

Determinist said...

My old boy/cub scout books had chapters on exactly the same thing. I only remember the chair though.