Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm a size 2... or 14

I came across this article that was linked to the Earth Sea Sky website (they're a New Zealand company who make good outdoor clothing.) It's all about how clothing sizes keep getting bigger so that overweight women can buy a smaller size and not feel fat.

After my shopping experience with the hiking shirts, I thought this was good backup for my claim that the sizes are almost irrelevant. The smallest sized article of clothing in my closet is a pair of size 2 pants from Old Navy, and the biggest is a size 14 top from Billabong. Both fit correctly. So what size am I?

Here's the article link -

On a somewhat related note, after my rant on shopping for a top, I went into a sporting goods store a couple of days later which was having a lease expiry sale. There I found a Nike top in a light polyester weave, with long sleeves and SPF 30 protection. And it's pink. So now I have two sun protection shirts to choose from. Ah, the irony. (And in case you're wondering, it's a 'medium')